Other Tactics

Great Tailored Tactics to Win your Safe Routes to School Campaign

As your campaign takes shape, you will want to employ a range of tactics to build momentum and support for Safe Routes to School funding. Tactics are events and actions you will implement to fulfill your Safe Routes to School campaign strategy; your strategy is your overall plan and tactics are how you will harness collective power to persuade the targets to act in order to meet your plan goals.

Rather than choosing just one way to communicate your message, hosting a variety of campaign events and actions will help you reach a wider audience. Safe Routes to School, walking, and bicycling appeal to people for different reasons. As such, your campaign strategy should involve tactics that are tailored to different audiences, focusing on what will convince them that they should care about making it easy and safe for kids to walk and bike to school and beyond.

One challenge to bear in mind when running a Safe Routes to School funding campaign is the simultaneous need to influence decisionmakers and keep advocates enthusiastic about the effort. Since legislators are the decisionmakers, it’s essential to educate them about the value of Safe Routes to School programs, but your coalition will be much more effective at doing so if grassroots advocates are amplifying that message and contacting their legislators in support of the bill. Campaign events and actions are a fun and effective way to keep momentum alive throughout long legislative campaigns. Actions are an effective way to recruit new grassroots advocates and keep existing ones enthusiastic and motivated to continue working on behalf of the campaign. Some especially helpful tactics for successful Safe Routes to School campaigns utilize youth and elected official engagement and organizing, special events, and various social media approaches.

When planning tactics for Safe Routes to School campaigns these are some questions you may want to address:

  • Who is our target audience for this campaign action or event?
  • How will this tactic convince them that they should care about making it easier and safer for kids to walk and bike to school by creating walkable and bikeable communities?
  • Are the people involved in carrying out this tactic the most effective messengers for the people we are trying to influence? Where can we hold this campaign event or action where it will have the greatest impact? Consider hosting events in districts of legislators you want to target, or in areas with high rates of crashes.
  • What goal will this tactic help the campaign to achieve?

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