Build a Campaign

No matter what issue your campaign is focused on or which organization leads it, there are three key phases to each campaign: recruit, engage, and mobilize. Throughout this toolkit and the sections within Build a Campaign, you will find guides to recruiting and activating an advocate base, spreading the word online, alerting local media, and communicating with state and local public officials to encourage policies that support improved health in your communities.

Make sure you have designated time for planning, launching, and executing your campaign, and don’t be afraid to make adjustments along the way as you gain more information about your advocates and community leaders.

Before taking action, thoughtful planning is needed to ensure success. Your campaign strategy will guide what you do and how you do it. It is your overall plan. Of course, as the campaign is implemented, the strategy will need to be adjusted to address changing circumstances. This toolkit provides detailed background on how to run a Safe Routes to School campaign, but is not intended to cover all content related to running a state policy campaign or developing a legislative campaign.

Before embarking on your campaign, you will want a thorough assessment of the political and program landscape for Safe Routes to School in your state to inform your strategy.